Maple Health

Build your own questionnaire software

2 weeks
Bubble & Airtable
Toronto 🇨🇦

Maple, an online medical consultation firm based in Canada, approached us with a problem: none of the existing survey software did what they needed.

- Create highly customizable surveys in multiple languages, easy to maintain and expand.

- Serve the questionnaire completely on-brand anywhere they need

- Deliver a personalized health assessment and link to other relevant content based on the user’s answers.

- Have users sign up for their newsletter

-Be able to analyze the responses

As the questionnaire is served to smaller subsets of Maple visitors, we opted for Airtable as the base for creating and managing the questionnaires. To deliver the questionnaire to users we built a fully custom designed questionnaire on Bubble which Maple could seamlessly embed on any of their pages.

What is great about this setup is that Bubble allows you to design the questionnaire exactly to your liking, making it completely on-brand. Airtable is a powerful spreadsheet platform that manages questions, answers and other relational content very well. With Airtable, the Maple team can manage every aspect of their questionnaires, answers and results without us having to build an interface separately.

"Working with Ideable* on our MVP was a great experience! The team was able to deliver a working prototype within weeks and made sure to address all of our requests in a timely fashion. In addition to the Bubble build, the team implemented necessary integrations with other services, for a scalable backend infrastructure. The resulting product proved to be highly engaging with our users. Would definitely recommend Ideable* for any Bubble development."
Petros Bleyan
Content Manager, Maple
Toronto 🇨🇦